Port Based Authentication Configuration Tasks

During 802.1x port authentication, the client only receives Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN (EAPOL), Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) traffic through the port. When the authentication is successful, normal traffic is passed through.

The tasks involved in configuring 802.1x port-based authentication on a Catalyst switch are as follows:

• Configuring 802.1x authentication

• Configuring the switch-to-RADIUS server communication

The following are several optional tasks that might prove helpful to further customize the 802.1x-related features:

• Configuring periodic re-authentication

• Manually re-authenticating

• Changing the quiet period

• Changing the switch-to-client retransmission time

• Setting the switch-to-client frame-retransmission number

• Configuring the host mode

• Configuring a guest VLAN

• Resetting the 802.1x configuration to the default values

• Debugging 802.1x configuration

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