Step 1 Select the IKE and IPsec Parameters

Selecting the IKE and IPsec parameters is just the process of predetermining which settings will be used on both peers to ensure successful negotiation of the connection. Many of these items were covered in Chapter 19 . This task is divided into six subtasks, as follows:

1. Plan for CA support.

Get the details of the CA server to include the server type, IP address, host name, Uniform Resource Locator (URL), and server administrator contact information. Coordinate with the CA server administrator to ensure that your certificates are properly validated.

2. Define the IKE (Phase 1) policy. See Chapter 19 .

3. Define the IPsec policies. See Chapter 19 .

4. Verify the current router configuration.

5. Verify connectivity. See Chapter 19 .

6. Ensure compatible access lists. See Chapter 19 .

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