Rules of the Road

We have always found it confusing when different addresses are used in the examples throughout a technical publication. For this reason, we use the address space depicted in Figure I-2 when assigning network segments in this book. Note that the address space we have selected is all reserved space per RFC 1918. We understand that these addresses are not routable across the Internet and are not normally used on outside interfaces. Even with the millions of IP addresses available on the Internet, there is a slight chance that we could have chosen to use an address that the owner did not want published in this book.

Figure I-2. Addressing for Examples

Inside 10,10-10-0/24

Outside 192,160.0,0/15

(or any public space]


It is our hope that this will assist you in understanding the examples and the syntax of the many commands required to configure and administer Cisco IOS routers.

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