RDBMS Synchronization

The RDBMS synchronization feature allows the automated synchronization with a Sybase, SQL, or Oracle RDBMS data source. It specifies the ODBC data source to use for Cisco Secure ACS and the other RDBMS application and controls the timing of the import/synchronization process. The RDBMS synchronization has two main components:

• CSDBSync Performs automated user and group account management services. It is a dedicated Windows NT or Windows 2000 service for Cisco Secure ACS.

• AccountActions table Specifies a set of rows that define actions CSDBSync is to perform in the Cisco Secure user database. Each row holds user, group, or AAA client information corresponding to the data stored for each user in the Cisco Secure ACS database. Other information in the row includes the action code (for example, adding or deleting a user). CSDBSync reads from the table and takes actions on each record based on the action code specified. CSDBSync uses these rows to update Cisco Secure user database. The AccountActions table database must support a multithreaded ODBC driver to prevent any problems with multiple systems attempting to access the table simultaneously.

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