As mentioned in the section "How to Use This Book" in the Introduction, you have two choices for review questions: the Q&A questions here or the exam simulation questions on the CD-ROM. The questions that follow present a bigger challenge than the exam itself because they use an open-ended question format. By using this more difficult format, you can exercise your memory better and prove your conceptual and factual knowledge of this chapter. You can find the answers to these questions in the appendix.

1. Which factors should you consider when deploying Cisco Secure ACS?

2. What are the minimum hardware requirements to install Cisco Secure ACS?

3. How does Cisco Secure ACS provide control for remote-access policies?

4. Where would be a good place to start to troubleshoot Cisco Secure ACS related AAA problems?

5. Does a browser using a proxy server have any effect in the administration of a Cisco Secure ACS remotely?

6. What should you check when there are authentication failures in the failed attempts report against a Windows 2000 user database?

7. Which protocol and port number does UCP use for the web application?



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