As mentioned in the section "How to Use This Book" in the Introduction, you have two choices for review questions: the Q&A questions here or the exam simulation questions on the CD-ROM. The questions that follow present a bigger challenge than the exam itself because they use an open-ended question format. By using this more difficult format, you can exercise your memory better and prove your conceptual and factual knowledge of this chapter. You can find the answers to these questions in the appendix.

1. Where does the Cisco Secure ACS write its accounting records?

2. Give one example of the user repository that Cisco Secure ACS supports?

3. Give one advantage of using Cisco Secure ACS?

4. Give two examples of the password protocols that Cisco Secure ACS supports?

5. Roger is a network administrator at an engineering firm. He would like to restrict access to consultants during the weekend. Can Cisco Secure ACS help him?

6. What are the core services of Cisco Secure ACS 3.3?

7. What is the function of CSAdmin?

8. What are the benefits of database replication?

9. Which core service of the Cisco Secure ACS for Windows provides synchronization with external RDBMS applications?

10. Name two types of accounting logs generated by Cisco Secure ACS?



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