Cisco Secure ACS involved in replication must run the same release of the Cisco Secure ACS software and patch level. For example, if the primary Cisco Secure ACS is running Cisco Secure ACS version 3.3, all secondary Cisco Secure ACS must be running Cisco Secure ACS version 3.3.

The replication frequency is manually configurable. Shorter replication frequency allows for more current secondary Cisco Secure ACS databases; however, there is a cost to having frequent replication. In addition to additional network traffic, the processing load on the server itself is increased. Replication will not occur if there are no changes in the primary ACS.

Cisco Secure ACS logs all replication events in the Windows Event Log and the Database Replication Report.

It is important to archive logs on a regular basis. In environments for which the crash on audit fail option is turned on, when the logs fill up, the server stops responding to all network requests.

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