Intruding for Fun and Pride

Some intruders enjoy the challenge of bypassing security measures. Many times, the more sophisticated the security measures, the greater the challenge. Whether these intruders are crackers, hackers, or script kiddies, their motivation is fun, pride, or a combination of the two. When George Leigh Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, his reply was "Because it is there." This seems to be the motivation for a number of potential intruders. On several bulletin boards and in several discussion groups, members list their latest conquests and the challenges posed to breaking into an organization's systems. The members of these groups applaud successful attempts and guide those who are unsuccessful. Additionally, many hacker websites publish tools, scripts, and code used to create viruses, worms, and Trojans. These websites are good places for a security administrator to monitor for information on the latest vulnerabilities and new techniques used for breaking into networks and systems.

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