How to Prepare for an Exam

The best way to prepare for any certification exam is to use a combination of the preparation resources, labs, and practice tests. This guide has integrated some practice questions and labs to help you better prepare. If possible, you want to get some hands-on time with the Cisco IOS routers. There is no substitute for experience, and it is much easier to understand the commands and concepts when you can actually work with a Cisco IOS router. If you do not have access to a Cisco IOS router, you can choose from among a variety of simulation packages available for a reasonable price. Last, but certainly not least, provides a wealth of information about the Cisco IOS Software, all the products that operate using Cisco IOS Software, and the products that interact with Cisco routers. No single source can adequately prepare you for the SNRS exam unless you already have extensive experience with Cisco products and a background in networking or network security. At a minimum, you will want to use this book combined with the Technical Support & Documentation site resources ( to prepare for this exam.

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