Figure 2325 Easy VPN Server Add Group Policy Screen

After you have completed these steps, the summary window lists the configurations specified. Clicking the Finish button pushes this information to the router's running configuration. To change the Easy VPN Server configuration at any time, use the Edit Easy VPN Server tab in the VPN configuration option.

Dynamic Multipoint VPN

This wizard assists you to configure a Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) hub or spoke. A typical VPN configuration is a point-to-point IPsec tunnel between two routers. DMVPN creates a network with a central hub that connects to multiple spokes using GRE over an IPsec tunnel.

To configure a DMVPN hub, complete the following tasks in the wizard:

1. Specify the network topology. The network topology may be hub-and-spoke network or fully meshed. The hub-and-spoke option is used if the network has all spoke routers as point-to-point connections to a hub router. A fully meshed DMVPN configuration allows the spoke to establish direct IPsec tunnels to each other. A multipoint GRE tunnel is configured on the spoke to support this functionality. Support for a fully meshed VPN is available starting in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(T). Figure 23-26 shows the DMVPN Network Topology screen.

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