Figure 2321 Easy VPN Remote Interface Setup Screen

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The summary window provides a list of the Easy VPN configurations created and an option to save this configuration. Clicking the Finish button pushes the information to the router's running configuration. To change the Easy VPN configuration at a later time, use the Edit Easy VPN Remote window.

Easy VPN Server

The wizard will guide you through the necessary steps to configure the Easy VPN Server on a router.

The server configuration steps are as follows:

1. Easy VPN Server requires AAA. The AAA configuration may be using a centralized server, such as asynchronous communications server (ACS) or a local router database. AAA may be enabled using SDM Additional Task menu.

2. Select the interface on which the client connections will be terminated. This is the interface where the VPN connections from the VPN clients will terminate. The interface may not be participating in GRE over IPsec, DMVPN, or Easy VPN client connection. Figure 23-22 shows this screen.

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