Figure 197 IKE Configuration Settings

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IKE Phase 1 Policy

Key Disifibution



Pre-Shared )<ey

Encryption Algorithm


Wash Algorithm


DiH^-HeHrnan Group

IKE SA Lilelimo


New York

Figure 19-7 shows the standards that you plan to use when configuring IKE on both peers. This section shows the configuration of the router in New York for the VPN between New York and San Francisco. Configuration steps and commands are common for the Cisco certification exams. This exercise is designed to familiarize you with the different commands for configuring IKE, the purpose for each command, and how the commands interact. To configure IKE on the router, follow these four steps: Step 1.

Enable IKE . Step 2.

Create the IKE policy . Step 3.

Configure the preshared key . Step 4.

Verify the IKE configuration .

Each of these steps is discussed in detail in the following sections.

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