Example 77 show aaa user Command Output

Router1#show aaa user 14

Unique id 14 is currently in use. Accounting: log=0x9 8 021 Events recorded: CALL START ATTR ADD INTERIM START INTERIM STOP OUTB_TELNET_START update method(s) :

Component = OUTB_TELNET Authen: service=LOGIN type=ASCII method=RADIUS Fallover-from= 0

Attribute List:

82577618 0 00000009 interface(157) 5 tty66

8257762C 0 00000001 port-type(161) 4 Virtual Terminal

82577640 0 00000009 clid(27) 14 PerU: No data available

Example 7-8 provides sample output of the debug aaa authentication command. A single EXEC login that uses the default method list and the first method, TACACS+, is displayed. The TACACS+ server sends a GETUSER request to prompt for the username, then a GETPASS request to prompt for the password, and finally a PASS response to indicate a successful login. The number 35149617 is the session ID, which is unique for each authentication. Use this ID number to distinguish different authentications if several are occurring concurrently.

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