Example 231 HTTP Services Configuration

Router#configure terminal

Router(config)#no ip http server Router(config)#ip http secure-server

Router(config)#username NYCAdmin password 0 Admin4NYC

To install SDM software, decompress the SDM software on the designated PC. In the extracted directory, locate the setup.exe file, and then run it. The setup screen will appear. During the installation, the setup prompts for the location of the SDM files. The options for installation are the PC, the router, or both. Installing the SDM on the PC saves router memory and allows for management of various routers from the same location.

When the installation is complete, SDM is ready for use. If SDM was installed on the router, use the web browser and the router IP address or Domain Name System (DNS) name to connect to it via HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

If SDM was installed on the PC, use the SDM launcher icon to start it up.

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