Example 228 Configuring Crypto Maps with RRI

NewYork#configure terminal

NewYork(config)#crypto dynamic-map windham-map 1 NewYork(config-crypto-map)#set transform-set windhamtransform

NewYork(config-crypto-map)#reverse-route NewYork(config-crypto=map)#exit

Apply the Mode Configuration to the Dynamic Crypto Map

This three-step process configures the Easy VPN Server to respond to mode configuration requests and begin sending the information required to create the VPN connection with the remote client. The following three steps are required for this task: Step 1.

Configure the router to respond to requests. Step 2.

Enable IKE queries for group policy lookup. Step 3.

Apply the changes to the dynamic crypto map.

The commands for these configuration steps are as follows:

crypto map map name client configuration address respond crypto map map name isakmp authorization list list name crypto map map name sequence_number ipsec-isakmp dynamic dynamic map name

Example 22-9 shows this configuration being completed on the Easy VPN Server for the connection to the Windham office.

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