Example 219 Output from the show crypto key pubkeychain rsa Command with the Optional name Value Added

00034B00 30480241 64CAB820 847EDAD9

NewYork#show crypto key pubkey rsa name SanFrancisco.SF.com

Key name: SanFrancisco.SF.com Key address: Usage: Signature Key Source: Manual Data:

305C300D 06092A86 4886F70D 01010105 04AEF1BA A54028A6 9ACC01C5 129D99E4

BD62A8A9 FA603DD2 E2A8A6F8 98F76E28 D58AD221 B583D7A4 Key name: SanFrancisco.SF.com Key address: Usage: Encryption Key Source: Manual Data:

00302017 4A7D385B 1234EF29 335FC973 18242BA3 2EDFBDD3 4296142A DDF7D3D8

07953829 791FCDE9 A98420F0 6A82045B 90288A26 DBC64468

00C5E23B 55D6AB22 DF0B4E4C 73A05DD2 71020301 0001

2DD50A37 C4F4B0FD 08407685 2F2190A0

9DADE748 429618D5 0B43F1BD 9A8A26DB 7789F76E EE21

0 0

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