Enabling 8021x Authentication

To enable 802.1x, port-based AAA must be enabled. To enable AAA, use the aaa new-model command in global configuration mode.

After AAA is enabled, you must specify the authentication list for 802.1x. The aaa authentication dotlx command specifies the authentication method list. A method list is a sequential list that describes the authentication methods used to authenticate a user or device and the security protocols to be used for authentication. If a named list is not specified, a default list is used. Use the default keyword followed by the method for this type of situation. The default method list is automatically applied to all ports. The following is the syntax for this command:

aaa authentication dotlx {default} methodl

For methodl , enter the group radius keyword to use the list of RADIUS servers for authentication. This command must be executed in global configuration mode.

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