Uses the listed authentication methods that follow this argument as the default list of methods when a user logs in list-name

Character string used to name the list of authentication methods activated when a user logs in method

Specifies at least the following keywords:

- enable Uses the enable password for authentication

- krb5-telnet Uses the Kerberos 5 Telnet authentication protocol when using Telnet to connect to the router

- line Uses the line password for authentication

- local Uses the local username database for authentication

- local-case Uses case-sensitive local username authentication

- none Uses no authentication

- group radius Uses the list of all Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) servers for authentication

- group tacacs+ Uses the list of all TACACS+ servers for authentication

- group group-name Uses a subset of RADIUS or TACACS+ servers for authentication as defined by the aaa group server radius or aaa group server tacacs+ command

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