Authentication Proxy Configuration Steps

You must complete a number of steps to configure authentication proxy on the Cisco IOS Firewall. Authentication proxy requires the firewall to communicate with many different systems, and each of these systems must be put into the firewall configuration. This section describes the configuration steps and individual commands used to configure the authentication proxy. There are examples of these configuration commands in the "Authentication Proxy Configuration Examples " section. It is important to understand the different steps, the commands within each step, and how they relate to each other. As with any other component configuration, you must understand how the commands relate to troubleshoot problems with the authentication proxy. For the purpose of the SNRS examination, it will most likely be critical to recognize which commands are missing or in the wrong syntax. Try to remember the four individual steps and consider how each step references the other. This information will enable you to troubleshoot the configuration and determine which portion is not correctly configured. The configuration steps for the Cisco IOS Firewall are as follows: Step 1.

Configure AAA . Step 2.

Configure the HTTP server . Step 3.

Configure authentication proxy . Step 4.

Verify the authentication proxy configuration .

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