The web administration interface is platform independent so that it can configure, maintain, and protect its AAA functionality. Almost all the configuration of the Cisco ACS server is done via the web interface post installation. The HTML interface enables you to easily modify Cisco Secure ACS configuration from any connection on your LAN or WAN.

The administration interface primarily uses HTML, along with some Java functions, to enhance ease of use. This design keeps the interface responsive and straightforward. The inclusion of Java requires that the browser used for administrative sessions supports Java.

Through the web interface, you can do the following:

• View and edit user and group information

• Restart services

• Add remote administrators

• View reports from anywhere on the network

• Change AAA client information

The Cisco Secure ACS provides the following administrative capabilities:

Define different privileges per administrator

• Log administrator activities

• View a list of logged-in users

• Restore Cisco Secure ACS configuration, user accounts, and group profiles from a backup file

• CSMon service, providing monitoring, notification, logging, and limited automated failure response

• Replication of Cisco Secure user database components to other Cisco Secure ACS servers

• Automatic configuration of users, groups, network devices, and custom RADIUS VSAs

• Scheduled and on-demand Cisco Secure ACS system backups

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