Configure Interface and Enable 8021x


switchport mode access / no switchport

■ Configure port as an access port




[force-authorized |



| auto]

■ Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication on the port switch(config-if)#

dot1x host-mode multi-host

■ (Optional) Allow multiple clients on an IEEE 802.1x-authorized port

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Configure the interface using the following commands:

■ switchport mode access

IEEE 802.1x can only be configured on static Layer 2 access ports.

■ dot1x port-control [force-authorized | force-unauthorized | auto]

This command enables IEEE 802.1x authentication on the port. The default is force-authorized.

■ (Optional) dot1x host-mode multi-host

This command allows multiple hosts on an IEEE 802.1x-authorized port.

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