The Cisco Firewall Services Module (FWSM) is based on Cisco PIX Security Appliance technology, and therefore offers the same security and reliability. Many of the configuration commands are similar, if not identical, between the FWSM and the security appliances. This appendix describes the similarities and differences between a FWSM and a security appliance. The focus of this appendix is on initializing the FWSM module in a Cisco Catalyst switch.


Upon completing this appendix, you will be able to initialize a Firewall Services Module. This ability includes being able to meet these objectives:

■ Describe the FWSM features and benefits

■ Explain the similarities and differences between the FWSM and the PIX Security Appliance

■ Describe a typical deployment scenario for the FWSM

■ Configure the switch VLANs

■ Assign VLAN-group to a FWSM

■ Configure the FWSM interfaces

■ Prepare the FWSM to work with PDM

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