Installation Wizard

Cisco Secure A CS v3.3

for Windows 2000

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Install 1


© 2005 Cisco Systems, Ii

Note Close all Windows programs before you run the setup program. (Optional) If Cisco Secure

ACS is already installed, the Previous Installation window opens. You are prompted to remove the previous version and save the existing database information. Click Yes, keep existing database and click Next to keep the existing data. To use a new database, deselect the check box and click Next. If you selected the check box, the setup program backs up the existing database information and removes the old files.

Complete the following steps to start installation of Cisco Secure ACS for Windows 2000:

Step 15 To install Cisco Secure ACS on your student PC from the files on your hard drive, open the Cisco Secure ACS v3.3.X folder on your desktop and double-click setup.exe.

Step 16 Click Accept to accept the Software License Agreement. The Welcome window opens.

Step 17 Read the Welcome window. Click Next to continue. The Before You Begin window opens.

Step 18 Read and then select all four check boxes for the items in the Before You Begin frame. This is a reminder of things you should do prior to installation. Click Next to continue. The Choose Destination Location window opens.

Step 19 Use the default installation folder indicated in the Choose Destination Location windows by clicking Next to continue. The Authentication Database Configuration windows open.

Step 20 Verify that Check the Cisco Secure ACS database only is already selected in the Authentication Database Configuration frame. Click Next to start the file installation process.

Step 21 Select all six items displayed in the Advanced Options frame. Click Next to continue.

Step 22 Verify that Enable Log-in Monitoring is already selected in the Active Service Monitoring frame. Click Next to continue.

Step 23 Verify that the following selections in the Cisco Secure ACS Service Initiation window:

■ Select Yes, I want to start the Cisco Secure ACS Service now.

■ Select Yes, I want Setup to launch the Cisco Secure ACS Administrator from my browser following installation.

■ Deselect Yes, I want to review the Readme file. Step 24 Click Next to start the Cisco Secure ACS service.

Step 25 Read the Setup Complete window, then click Finish to end the installation wizard and start your web browser with Cisco Secure ACS.

© 2005 Cisco Systems, Ii

© 2005 Cisco Systems, Ii

For the Cisco Secure ACS to communicate with the security appliance, the administrator must configure the AAA client and AAA server information. The AAA client is the security appliance. The AAA server is the Cisco Secure ACS information. Complete the following steps to add the security appliance to the Cisco Secure ACS AAA client database in your Windows 2000 server:

Step 26 The Cisco Secure ACS interface should now be displayed in your web browser. Click Network Configuration to open the Network Configuration window.

Step 27 Under AAA Client group box, click Add Entry.

Step 28 In the AAA Client Hostname field, enter pixP, the hostname of the security appliance.

Step 29 In the AAA Client IP Address field, enter 10.0.P.1, the IP address of the security appliance inside interface.

Step 30 In the Key field, enter secretkey.

Step 31 In the Authentication Using drop-down menu, select RADIUS (Cisco IOS/PIX) for RADIUS protocol applications. Select TACACS+ (Cisco IOS/PIX) for Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus (TACACS+) protocol applications.

Step 32 Click Submit + Restart to submit the changes.

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