Task 2 Configuring IPCP Options

Create a pool of IP addresses to assign to the PC clients dialing in. As the clients connect, they request IP addresses from the NAS.

Tech Tip Remote ISDN LANs and remote nodes are primarily differentiated by an IP addressing scheme. Remote LANs can appear as remote nodes by using port address translation (PAT).

Step 1 Define the local IP address pool and DNS servers:

ip local pool addr-pool async-bootp dns-server

For clients using server-assigned addressing (if there are any) you must specify primary and secondary DNS servers. The clients send config-requests to the NAS if the clients are configured to receive NAS

assigned WINS and DNS servers. % _

Note RFC 1877 describes DNS and NBNS servers. The domain name must also be configured on the client.

Step 2 Verify that the IP address pool was created:

58 0 0-NAS#show ip local pool

Pool Begin End Free In use addr-pool 253 0 58 0 0-NAS#

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