Sets the minimum length of all Cisco IOS passwords


Boston(config)# security passwords min-length 10

Cisco IOS Release 12.3(1) and later allows administrators to set the minimum character length for all router passwords using the security passwords global configuration command. This command provides enhanced security access to the router by allowing you to specify a minimum password length (0 to 16 characters); this eliminates common passwords that are short and prevalent on most networks, such as "lab" and "cisco." This command affects user passwords, enable passwords and secrets, and line passwords created after the command was executed. Existing router passwords remain unaffected.

It is highly recommended that you set your minimum password length to at least 10 characters. Never use a length of zero.

After this command is enabled, any attempt to create a new password that is less than the specified length fails and results in an error message similar to this message:

Password too short - must be at least 10 characters. Password configuration failed.

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