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[Brockbank] Darcy Brockbank <[email protected] com> December 1997 <[email protected] birch crd ge com>

[BXE1] Brendan Eic <[email protected] wpd sgi com>

[BXF] Bruce Factor <[email protected] UU NET>

[BXS2] Bill Schilit <[email protected] xerox com>

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[Casner] Steve Casner <[email protected] edu> January 1995

[Caughie] Colin Caughie <[email protected] indigo avs com> May 2000

[Caves] Evan Caves <[email protected] com> June 1998

[Cheshire] Stuart Cheshire <[email protected] apple com> April 2000

[Chiang] Steve Chiang <[email protected] cisco com> January 1997

[Cho] Joan Cho/SIAC <[email protected] com> October 1998

[Cipiere] Patrick Cipiere <Patrick [email protected] sophia inria fr> February 1999

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[Costales] Bryan Costales <[email protected] com> September 1997 [Crawford] James Crawford <j Crawford @metropol net> May 1998 [Crowcroft] Jon Crowcroft <[email protected] cs ucl ac uk> November 1998 [CXM3] Chuck McManis <[email protected] com> [Daga] Anthony Daga <[email protected] com> June 1999 [Deering] Steve Deering <deering @cisco com> October 1999 [DeMoney] Michael DeMoney <[email protected] sun com> April 1997 [Dillonn] Doug Dillon <[email protected] com> August 1998 [Dissett] Daniel Dissett <[email protected] com> December 1998 [DLM1] David Mills <Mills @ HUEY UDEL EDU> [DRC3] Dave Cheriton <[email protected] STANFORD EDU> [Dunne] Stephen Dunne <[email protected] co uk> January 1997 [DXS3] Daniel Steinber <Daniel [email protected] Sun COM> [Eidson] John Eidson <[email protected] hp com> April 1999 [Fenner] Bill Fenner <[email protected] xerox com> December 1997 [Farinacci] Dino Farinacci <[email protected] cisco com> February March 1996 [Felix] Ken Felix <[email protected] com> August 1999 [Flynn] Edward Flynn <[email protected] com> September 1998 [Gabriel] Jon Gabriel <[email protected] com> December 1998 [Gaddie] Bob Gaddie <[email protected] com> August 1998 [Gal] Yossi Gal <[email protected] com> February 1998 [Gibson] Terry Gibson <terry [email protected] com> August 1997 [Gilani] Asad Gilani <[email protected] com> July 1997 [Glanzer] Dave Glanzer <[email protected] org> June 2000 [GSM11] Gary S Malkin <[email protected] COM> [Goland] Yaron Goland <[email protected] microsoft com> August 1999 [Gordon] Howard Gordon <[email protected] com> [Green] Cliff Green <[email protected] com> February 1998 [Guttman] Erik Guttman <Erik [email protected] sun com> March 1998 [Hall] Eric Hall <[email protected] com> August 1999 October 1999 [Hamilton] Mark Hamilton <[email protected] com> November 1998 [Handley] Mark Handley <[email protected]> December 1998 [Hanna] Stephen Hanna <steve [email protected] com> July 2000 [Hinden] Bob Hinden <[email protected] com> November 1997 [Hodges] Richard Hodges <rh @ source net> March 1999

[Holfelder] Wieland Holdfelder <[email protected] informatik uni mannheimde> January 1997

[Honton] Chas Honton <chas @ secant com> December 1997

[Iyer] Ram Iyer <[email protected] com> March 1998

[Jackson] Dan Jackson <[email protected] ibm com> September 1997

[Janssen] Rob Janssen <[email protected] ampr org> January 1995

[JBP] Jon Postel <[email protected] edu>

[Kammerlander] Ralph Kammerlander <ralph [email protected] siemens de> June 2000

[Kean] Brian Kean <[email protected] com> August 1995

[Kerkan] Brian Kerkan <[email protected] com> May 2000

[Kittivatcharapong] Sakon Kittivatcharapong <[email protected] net>\May 2000

[Koopman] Dirk Koopman <[email protected] co uk> July 2000

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[Lee] Choon Lee <[email protected] 3com com> April 1996

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[Lindeman] Morten Lindeman <Morten [email protected] telia no> March 1999

[Lyda] Stephen T Lyda <[email protected] com> February 2000

[Lynch] Joel Lynch <joel lynch @cnn com> April 1999

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[Malamud] Carl Malamud <[email protected] invisible net> April 1998

[Malkin] Gary Scott Malkin <[email protected] bay networks com> February 1998

[Mamakos] Louis Mamakos <[email protected] net> March 1997

[Manning] Bill Manning <[email protected] edu> August 1999

[Marocho] Jose Luis Marocho <73374 [email protected] com> July 1996

[Marquardt] Douglas Marquardt <[email protected] org> February 1997

[Marsh] Gene Marsh <[email protected] com> November 1998

[Martinicky] Brian Martinicky <[email protected] com>

March 2000

[Meier] Bob Meier <[email protected] com> December 1997

[Mendal] Geoff Mendal <[email protected] com> January 1999

[Meyer] David Meyer <[email protected] uoregon edu> January 1997

[Meyer2] David Meyer <[email protected] cisco com> June 1999 MALLOC assignment for temp use: renew 06/2000

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[Moran] Ed Moran <[email protected] com> October 1997

[John Moy] John Moy <[email protected] com>

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[Nevell] Julian Nevell <[email protected] bt co uk> August 1999

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[O Rourke] Stacey O Rourke <[email protected] network alchemy com> August 1999

[Parnes] Peter Parnes <[email protected] com> February 2000

[Peng] Wenjie Peng <[email protected] telerate com> January 1997

[Polishinski] Steve Polishinski <[email protected] com> March 2000

[Poole] David Poole <[email protected] com> April 1997 [Przygienda] Tony Przygienda <[email protected] com> October 1999 [Purkiss] Ed Purkiss <[email protected] com> September 1998 [Querubin] Antonio Querubin <[email protected] net> August 1999 [Revzen] Shai Revzen <[email protected] com> April 1999 [Rodbell] Mike Rodbell <[email protected] ciena com> January 1997 [Roper] Mike Roper <[email protected] com> September 1999 [Guido van Rossum]

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[Roy] George Roy <c/o Bill Owens owens @appliedtheorycom> October 1997

[Rubin] David Rubin <[email protected] net> August 1996

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[Rupp] Heiko Rupp <[email protected] net> January 1997

[Sautter] Robert Sautter <[email protected] itt com> August 1999

[SC3] Steve Casner <[email protected] precept com>

[Scannell] Piers Scannell <[email protected] com> March 2000

[Scheifler] Bob Scheifler <Bob [email protected] com> August 1998

[Schwartz] Beverly Schwartz <[email protected] COM> June 1998

[Shindoh] Masato Shindoh <[email protected] ibm> August 1997

[Shum] Raymond Shum <[email protected] com> April 1998

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[SXD] Steve Deering <[email protected] XEROX COM>

[Thaler] Dave Thaler <[email protected] microsoft com> March 1999 June 2000

[Thompson] Nigel Thompson [email protected] tribal com> January 1999

[Timm] Mary Timm <[email protected] com> July 1998

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[tynan] Dermot Tynan <[email protected] ie> August 1995

[Uang] Yea Uang <[email protected] force decnet lockheed com> November 1994

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[Velten] Mike Velten <[email protected] com> January 1999

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[Wacey] Ian Wacey ciain [email protected] ge com> May 2000

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