Foundation Summary

This section lists additional details and facts to round out the coverage of the topics in this chapter. Unlike most Cisco Press Exam Certification Guides, this book does not repeat information listed in the "Foundation Topics" section of the chapter. Please take the time to read and study the details in this section of the chapter, as well as review the items in the "Foundation Topics" section noted with a Key Point icon.

Table 17-8 lists the key protocols covered in this chapter.

Table 17-8 Protocols and Standards for Chapter 17



Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

RFC 1661

PPP in HDLC-like Framing

RFC 1662

PPP Internet Protocol Control Protocol IPCP

RFC 1332

IP Header Compression over PPP

RFC 3544

PPP Multilink Protocol (MLP)

RFC 1990

Managed Objects for TDM Circuits

RFC 3895

Table 17-9 lists the Cisco IOS commands covered in this chapter.

Table 17-9 Command Reference for Chapter 17


Mode and Function

linecode {ami | b8zs | hdb3}

T1/E1 controller mode; defines line coding for the line

framing {crc4 | no-crc4} [australia]

T1/E1 controller mode; defines framing

ppp authentication {protocoll [protocol2... ]} [if-needed] [list-name | default] [callin] [one-time] [optional]

Interface mode; defines the authentication protocol (PAP, CHAP, EAP) and other parameters

ppp multilink [bap]

Interface mode; enables MLP on an interface

ppp multilink fragment-delay delay-max

Interface mode; defines the fragment size based on this delay and interface bandwidth

ppp multilink group group-number

Interface mode; associates a physical interface to a multilink interface


Mode and Function

ppp multilink interleave

Interface mode; allows the queuing scheduled to interleave packets between fragments of another packet

compress [predictor | stac | mppc [ignore-pfc]]

Interface mode; configures payload compression

ip rtp header-compression [passive]

Interface mode; enables RTP header compression

ip tcp header-compression [passive]

Interface mode; enables TCP header compression

compression header ip [rtp | tcp]

Class configuration mode; enables RTP or TCP header compression inside an MQC class

ppp quality percentage

Interface mode; enables LQM monitoring at the stated percentage

debug ppp negotiation

Enables debugging that shows the various stages of PPP negotiation

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