Real Time Transport Protocol RTP operates in the transport layer of the OSI model

7 Which H.323 protocol is responsible for call setup and signaling?


Answer: b

The Q.931 standard defines the procedures responsible for call setup and signaling.

8 Which unit measures the number of voice calls in one hour?

Erlangs is the unit that describes the number of calls in one hour.

9 Which feature does not transmit packets when there is silence?

Answer: b

Voice Activity Detection reduces traffic by not transmitting packets when there is silence in voice conversations.

10 What does CRTP compresses?

a. The RTP header b. The RTP, TCP, and IP headers c. The RTP, UDP, and IP headers d. The RTCP header

Answer: c

Compressed Real-Time Transport Protocol (CRTP) compresses the RTP, UDP, and IP headers.

11 Which protocol(s) reduce broadcasts in an IPX internetwork?




d. Answers b and c Answer: d

NLSP and IPX EIGRP routing protocols reduce IPX broadcast traffic.

12 How many bits are in an IPX address?

Answer: d

The 80-bit IPX address consists of the 32-bit network number plus a 48-bit MAC address.

13 Which is not a valid IPX network number?




Answer: c

Answer c is not valid because G is not a hexadecimal digit. All other answers are valid network numbers.

14 Which method is preferred for transporting NetBIOS?

a. NetBEUI

d. Ethernet

Answer: b

NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT) is the preferred method for transporting NetBIOS traffic over routed internetworks.

15 Which IETF standard provides a framework for multimedia protocols for the transport of voice, video, and data over packet-switched networks?


b. VoIP

Answer: d

Session initiation protocol (SIP) is the IETF standard for the transport of voice, video, and data over packet-switched networks. H.323 is the ITU standard.

16 Which authentication protocol uses UDP?

a. Kerberos b. TACACS


RADIUS uses UDP port 1812 or UDP 1645 and UDP 1646. TACACS uses TCP.

17 What is FXS?

a. Feeder Exchange Station b. Foreign Exchange Source c. Foreign Exchange Station d. Federal Exchange Station Answer: c

Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) ports provide dial time and ring voltage.

18 Which codec produces 64 kbps of bandwidth?

The G.711 codec produces a 64 kbps bit rate.

19 Which SS7 component is a database?

d. Billing Answer: a

The Signaling Control Point (SCP) is a database for special call processing and routing.

20 Which AAA function determines which resources are accessed?

a. Accounting b. Authorization c. Authentication d. TACACS Answer: b

Authorization determines which resources are accessed. Authentication determines who is the user. Accounting keeps track of what resources were accessed, by whom and when.

21 Which authentication protocol separates each AAA function into separate modules?

a. Kerberos b. RADIUS


Answer: c

TACACS+ separates AAA functions into separate modules. RADIUS combines authentication and authorization.

22 Which AAA function identifies the user?

a. Accounting b. Authorization c. Authentication d. TACACS

Answer: c

Authentication determines the user. Authorization determines which resources are accessed. Accounting keeps track of which resources were accessed, by whom and when.

23 Which algorithm does the Cisco PIX Firewall use?

a. Adaptive Security Algorithm b. Authoritative Security Algorithm c. Authenticating Security Algorithm d. Access Security algorithm Answer: a

The PIX Firewall uses the Adaptive Security Algorithm (ASA) for stateful, connection-oriented security.

24 Which of the following are QoS tools that you can use for VoIP networks?

a. CQ and TCP compression b. CRTP and WFQ

c. DES and CRTP

d. ATM and UDP header compression

Answer: b

Compressed RTP (CRTP) and Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ) are used in VoIP networks.

25 An IPX address consists of what?

a. 32-bit network and 8-bit host part b. 24-bit network part and 8-bit host part c. 24-bit network part and 48-bit host part d. 32-bit network part and 48-bit host part Answer: d

The IPX address is 80 bits in length, consisting of a 32-bit network part and a 48-bit host part.

26 Which service can reduce NetBIOS traffic?


Answer: b

The Windows Internet Naming System (WINS) provides dynamic NetBIOS name registration services that reduce NAME_Query broadcasts.

27 Which access list number can filter IPX SAP traffic?

d. 1099

Answer: d

IPX SAP filter access list numbers range from 1000 to 1099.

28 NLSP is which type of protocol?

a. Hybrid b. Distance vector c. Link-state d. Broadcast

Answer: c

NetWare Link Services Protocol (NLSP) is a link-state protocol that is based on IS-IS.

29 Which protocol do you use in a routed TCP/IP network for Network Neighborhood browsing?

a. NetBEUI

d. Internet Explorer

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