Partial Mesh Topology

A WAN could also be developed with a partial mesh topology. Partial meshes are highly flexible topologies that can take a variety of very different configurations. The best way to describe a partial mesh topology is that the routers are much more tightly coupled than in any of the basic topologies but are not fully interconnected. Fully interconnected routers form a fully meshed topology. Figure 13-4 shows the partial mesh topology.

Figure 13-4: A partial mesh topology.

Figure 13-4: A partial mesh topology.

Partial Mesh Topology With Server

A partially meshed WAN topology is readily identified by the almost complete interconnection of every node with every other node in the network.

Partial meshes offer the capability to minimize hops for the bulk of the WAN's users. Unlike fully meshed networks, a partial mesh can reduce the startup and operational expenses by not interconnecting low-traffic segments of the WAN. This enables the partial mesh network to be somewhat more scalable, and affordable, than a full mesh topology.

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