Scenario 2 You Do Not Have a CCNA Certification

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Why don't you have the certification? The prerequisite for the CCNP certification is to be certified as a CCNA, so you really should pursue your CCNA certification before tackling the CCNP certification. Beginning with the Remote Access exam gives you a skewed view of what is needed for the Cisco Professional certification track.

That being said, if you must pursue the certifications out of order, follow the spirit of the book. Read each chapter and then do the quiz at the front of the chapter to see if you caught the major points. After you have completed all 12 chapters, do the scenarios and see if you can apply the knowledge. Once that is done, try the test and pay particular attention to the Sylvan-way of testing so that you are prepared for the live test.

Good luck to all!

This chapter covers the following topics that you need to master as a CCNP:

Identifying Selection Criteria for Router Placement—This section addresses the questions raised when planning a Cisco network: Is the router going to be used at a central office facility, a branch office, or in support of telecommuters? What are the cost factors and how volatile is the proposed location?

Selecting a WAN Connection Type for Remote Access Purposes—The WAN connection type directly affects the current and future needs of the customer and influences his or her level of satisfaction. This section addresses the selection process.

Determining Site Requirements—The three sites described are central office, branch office, and the small office/home office (SOHO) or remote office (RO). The successful CCNP candidate should be aware of these sites and their associated requirements.

Hardware Selection—If the site requirements and the WAN connection options are fully considered, the selection of the right product becomes an outgrowth of the design. The Cisco product selection guide can easily narrow the product selection to a short-list with the information gleaned from the site, application uses, bandwidth needs, backup requirements, and so on.

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