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Cisco Systems offers many different varieties and levels of career certifications, including the three current CCIE certification tracks. This book helps prepare you for the written exam (#350-018) for the CCIE Security certification.

The CCIE program has existed for almost 10 years. The relative complexity of the CCIE examinations prompted Cisco to introduce associate and professional levels of certification to provide candidates a way to progress through the various levels of certification. Though many of these lower levels of certification have prerequisites to go along with the written exams, CCIE certification does not have any prerequisites. To become a CCIE, you need to pass two exams: a written exam and a one-day lab exam.

NOTE For details on Cisco career certifications, visit learning_career_certifications_and_learning_paths_home.html.

By introducing these lower-level certifications, Cisco has maintained the complexity of the CCIE examinations. Passing any CCIE examination by reading only one book is still difficult. Being adequately prepared requires plenty of on-the-job experience and intense study. This book helps you prepare for the CCIE Security written exam by making you aware of the material you will be tested on, by helping you identify where you have knowledge gaps, and by providing you with practice and study tools, such as the sample exam on the CD-ROM.

NOTE Although this book's primary goal is to help you prepare for the CCIE Security written exam, you will find some supplemental material that can help you begin to prepare for the CCIE Security Lab exam, too. For example, Chapter 9, "CCIE Security Self-Study Lab," includes a sample CCIE Security Lab written by qualified CCIE proctors.

The remainder of this chapter covers how you can use this book to prepare for the CCIE Security written exam. The next section covers some basic information about the exam, including a listing of the exam topics.

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