Scenario Answers

1 Line 4 in Example 4-39 has disabled the debug output from being visible. To enable debug messages to be sent to the console port, the command logging console debugging must be configured in global configuration mode. Alternatively, telneting to the router and enabling the terminal monitor command via the VTY line enables the network administrator to view the debug output.

2 Line 17 displays the alias, eth1, which is the command show interface ethernet0/1.

3 Line 16 defines an alias, eth0, which will be used as a shortcut to the show interface ethernet0/0 command. This IOS command displays the statistics of interface Ethernet0/0.

4 Line 6 (enable password ciscO) defines the enable password as ciscO. However, because a secret password exists on line 5, that is the password required to enter enable mode, and because the secret password is encrypted, you cannot decipher the password.

5 Access list 100 defines an Access-list with the source address to the destination IP address You can apply the debug command, debug ip packet 100, with the optional keyword detail to view IP packets sent from the server to the IP address

6 The Telnet user must be in privilege EXEC mode and must enable the terminal monitor command to ensure debug output is sent to the VTY line.

7 The configuration in Example 4-38 does not include a configuration register, so the default register (0x2102) is enabled.

8 Line 24 configures the router for no VTY login, so there is no password; any Telnet users will be directed to the router at the EXEC prompt level.

9 Access list 1 is not defined on any interface and can be used when debug ip packet is turned on. Because it is a standard access list, it can be used to debug packets' source from network to

10 The Global IOS command, service password-encryption, encrypts all passwords, including the enable and VTY password, if any.

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