Scenario 41 Configuring Cisco Routers for Passwords and Access Lists

Figure 4-6 displays a simple one-router network with two Ethernet LAN interfaces connecting users on subnet to the server IP network,

Figure 4-6 Scenario Physical Topology



Example 4-40 displays the working configuration file on R1 numbered from line 1 to 25.

Example 4-40 R1's Full Configuration

1. version 12.2

2. no service password-encryption

3. hostname R1

4. no logging console debugging

5. enable secret 5 $1$TBUV$od27CrEfa4UVICBtwvqol/

6. enable password ciscO 7.interface Ethernet0/0

8. ip address 9.interface Ethernet0/1

10. ip address ip http server

12.access-list 1 permit

13.access-list 100 permit tcp any host eq telnet

14.access-list 100 permit ip host host

15.alias EXEC test show ip route ospf

16.alias EXEC eth0 show interface ethernet0/0

17.alias EXEC eth1 show interface ethernet0/1


Example 4-40 R1's Full Configuration (Continued)

18.line con 0 19.EXEC-timeout 0 0 20.login 21.line aux 0 22.line vty 0 4

23.EXEC-timeout 0 0 login


1 The network administrator enables the debug ip packet command on Router R1, but no output is seen when connected to the console. IP traffic is following correctly from Ethernet0/0 to Ethernet0/1. What is the likely problem? What IOS configuration change is required to rectify the fault?

2 There are a number of configured aliases. What alias will display the Ethernet interface statistics for the Ethernet interface labeled Ethernet0/1?

3 When the following command is entered at the privilege EXEC prompt, what will the output be?


4 What is the password of Router 1 that enables a network administrator to make configuration changes?

5 What debug command can be used to debug IP packets' source from the address to the PC with the IP address of

6 A user telnets to Router R1 and runs the debug command, debug ip packet.

IP data travels from the PC to the server but no output is displayed on the router. What is the likely problem? R2#R1

Trying ... Open R1>debug ip packet

% Invalid input detected at marker. R1>

7 What is the configuration register of the router in Figure 4-6?

8 What is the VTY password required for Telnet clients logging into R1?

9 What does access list 1 accomplish in line 12?

10 What Global IOS command would encrypt all passwords configured on R1 in Figure 4-6?

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