Scenario 31 Configuring Dns Tftp Ntp and SNMP

This scenario uses a configuration taken from a working Cisco IOS router and tests your skills with DNS, TFTP, NTP, and SNMP. Example 3-12 displays the configuration of a Cisco router named R1.

Example 3-12 R1 Running Configuration

version 12.1

hostname R1

clock timezone UTC 10 i

no ip domain-lookup

ip domain-name

ip host CCIE 131.108.1


ip host Router3 131.10


ip host Router2 131.10


ip host Router1 131.10


ip name-server 131.108


ip name-server 131.108


interface Ethernet0/0



interface Serial0/0

ip address

ntp broadcast i

no ip http server

snmp-server community


snmp-server community


snmp-server host 131.1



ntp authentication-key

1 md5

121A061E17 7

ntp authenticate

ntp trusted-key 1

ntp master 1

ntp peer key 1


Scenario 3-1: Configuring DNS, TFTP, NTP, and SNMP 141

1 What happens when a network administrator types the host name Router1 at the router prompt? (Select the best two answers.)

a. DNS queries are disabled; nothing will be translated.

b. The name Router1 is mapped to the IP address

c. The administrator could also type CCIE to reach the same IP address (

d. Because DNS is disabled with the command no ip domain-lookup, the router assumes this is an invalid IOS command and returns the error "% Unknown command or computer name, or unable to find computer address."

e. Local DNSs are case-sensitive so you can only type Router1 to map to

2 The following commands are entered on the router named R1. What are the TFTP server address and TFTP filename stored on the router on board flash?

R1#copy tftp flash

Address or name of remote host []?

Source filename []? c2600-jo3s56i-mz.121-5.T10.bin

Destination filename [c2600-jo3s56i-mz.121-5.T10.bin]? c2600-c1

3 R1 supplies an NTP clock source to a remote router. What is the NTP's peer IP address, and what is the MD5 password used to ensure that NTP sessions are authenticated?

4 What is the SNMP read-write access community string for the following configuration?

snmp-server community public RO snmp-server community public RW

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