Scenario 21 Routing IP on Cisco Routers

Figure 2-21 displays a network with one Cisco router and two directly attached Ethernet interfaces. Use Figure 2-21 to answer the following questions.

Figure 2-21 Scenario Diagram

E0 IP address MAC address 3333.3333.3333

E1 IP address MAC address 4444.4444.4444

Ethernet 0

Ethernet 1

IP address MAC address 1111.1111.1111

IP address MAC address 2222.2222.2222

1 In Figure 2-21, PC1 cannot communicate with PC2. What is the likely cause of the problem assuming that the router is configured correctly?

a. Router R1 requires a routing protocol to route packets from EthernetO to Ethernet1.

b. There is a problem with the IP address configuration on Router R1.

c. The gateway address on PC1 is wrong.

d. The gateway address on the router is wrong.

2 In Figure 2-21, what will be the ping response display when an exec user on Router R1 pings PC1's IP address for the first time? Assume that all configurations are correct.

3 What IOS command was used to display the following output taken from Router R1?

Protocol Internet Internet Internet Internet

Hardware Addr 333.3333.3333 4444.4444.4444 1111.1111.1111



Interface Ethernet0 Ethernet1 Ethernet0 Ethernet1

a. show ip arpa b. show ip arp c. show interface ethernet0

d. show interface ethernet!

Scenario 2-1 Answers: Routing IP on Cisco Routers 101

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