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The purpose of this assessment quiz is to help you determine how to spend your limited study time. If you can answer most or all these questions, you might want to skim the "Foundation Topics" section and return to it later as necessary. Review the "Foundation Summary" section and answer the questions at the end of the chapter to ensure that you have a strong grasp of the material covered. If you already intend to read the entire chapter, you do not necessarily need to answer these questions now. If you find these assessment questions difficult, read through the entire "Foundation Topics" section and review it until you feel comfortable with your ability to answer all these and the "Q & A" questions at the end of the chapter.

Answers to these questions can be found in Appendix A, "Answers to Quiz Questions."

1 RFC 1700 defines what well-known ports for DNS?

a. TCP port 21

b. TCP port 23

c. UDP port 21

d. UDP port 53

e. TCP/UDP port 53

2 What supplies DNS security?

a. A default username/password pairing b. A TFTP directory c. A filename d. A domain name e. None of the above

3 What IOS command will stop a Cisco router from querying a DNS server when an invalid IOS command is entered on the EXEC or PRIV prompt?

a. no ip domain-lookup b. no ip dns-lookup c. no ip dns-queries d. no exec

4 What does the following Global IOS configuration line accomplish?

ip host SimonisaCCIE

a. Defines the router name as SimonisaCCIE

b. Defines a local host name, SimonisaCCIE, mapped to IP addresses and

c. Configures the IOS router for remote routing entries and

d. Not a valid IOS command e. Configures the local routers with the IP address and on boot up

5 TFTP uses what predefined UDP port number?

6 What IOS command will copy an IOS image from the current system flash to a TFTP


a. copy tftp image:

b. copy flash tftp c. copy tftp flash d. copy tftp tftp

7 Suppose a client calls and advises you that an FTP data transaction is not allowing him to view the host's directory structure. What are the most likely causes of the problem? (Choose all that apply.)

a. The client's username/password is wrong.

b. The client's FTP data port is not connected.

c. The host machine has denied him access because the password is wrong.

d. A serious network outage requires that you reload the router closest to the client.

e. An access list is stopping port 20 from detailing the directory list.

8 FTP runs over what Layer 4 protocol?


9 HTTPS traffic uses what TCP port number?

10 SNMP is restricted on Cisco routers by what IOS command?

a. snmp-server enable b. snmp-server community string c. snmp-server ip-address d. snmp-server no access permitted

11 TFTP protocol uses which of the following?

a. Username/password pairs to authorize transfers b. Uses TCP port 169

c. Uses UDP port 169

d. Can use UDP/TCP and port 69

e. None of the above

12 Which of the following statements is true regarding SSL?

a. Every packet sent between host and client is authenticated.

b. Encryption is used after a simple handshake is completed.

c. SSL uses port 2246.

d. SSL is not a predefined standard.

e. SSL does not perform any data integrity checks.

13 What is the HELO SMTP command used for?

a. To authenticate SMTP clients b. To identify SMTP clients c. This is an unknown standard d. The HELO command is used in SNMP (not SMTP)

14 POP3 clients can do what?

a. Receive SNMP queries b. Send mail c. Send SNMP queries d. The POP3 protocol is a routing algorithm

15 NTP uses what well-known TCP port?

16 Secure Shell (SSH) is used to do what?

a. Disable spanning tree on Catalyst 5000 switches b. Protect the data link layer only from attacks c. Protect the TCP/IP host d. Allow TCP/IP access to all networks without any security e. SSH is used only in the data link layer

17 Which of the following protocols can be authenticated? (Select the best four answers.)

a. Telnet b. HTTP


d. Spanning tree e. TFTP

18 What is the community string value when the following IOS commands are entered in global configuration mode?

snmp-server community publiC RO snmp-server enable traps config snmp-server host isdn a. ISDN

b. Config c. publiC

d. public e. Public f. More data required

19 Which of the following best describes an SNMP inform request?

a. Requires no acknowledgment b. Requires an acknowledgment from the SNMP agent c. Requires an acknowledgment from the SNMP manager d. Only SNMP traps can be implemented on Cisco IOS routers

20 What UDP port number will SNMP traps be sent from?

21 What TCP port number will an SNMP inform acknowledgment packet be sent to?

f. None of the above

22 To restrict SNMP managers from the source network, what IOS command is required?

ip http enable

snmp community

snmp-server community SimonisCool ro 4

access-list 4 permit

snmp-server community SimonisCool ro 4

snmp-server community SimonisCool ro 1

access-list 11 permit

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