Cisco Secure Policy Manager

Cisco Secure Policy Manager (CSPM) provides a scalable and comprehensive security management system for Cisco Secure PIX Firewalls and Cisco Secure Integrated Systems.

Cisco Secure Policy Manager, formerly known as the Cisco Security Manager, is a policy-based security management system for Cisco security technologies and network devices.

Policy-based management allows a network administrator to define a set of high-level rules that control the deployment of and access to services, such as FTP and HTTP.

CSPM enables the management of remote Cisco Secure PIX and IOS Firewalls. CSPM allows you to configure and edit configurations remotely. CSPM only runs over Microsoft Windows operating systems.

NOTE Cisco PIX Firewalls running version 6.2 and above have a built-in, Java-based PIX Device

Manager (PDM). PDM allows browser-based management and configuration of PIX Firewalls.

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