Central Processing Unit

The central processing unit (CPU) is the heart of a router, and every Cisco router has a CPU. A CPU manages all the router's processes, such as IP routing, and new routing entries, such as remote IP networks learned through a dynamic routing protocol.

To view a CPU's status, use the show process IOS command.

Example 4-2 shows a sample display taken from a Cisco IOS router. Example 4-2 (Truncated) show process Command

R1>show process

CPU utilization for five seconds: 9%/7%; five minutes: 10%

PID QTy PC Runtime (ms) Invoked

1 Csp 318F396 24456 1043 234

3 Lst 317D1FC 1304 175 5257

uSecs Stacks TTY Proc 732/1000 0 Load Meter 3268/4000 0 EXEC 1724/2000 0 Check heap

The show process command displays the router utilization within the past five seconds, the past one minute, as well as the average over the last five minutes. Details about specific processes follow the CPU utilization statistics.

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