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At this stage, you have decided to pursue CCIE Security certification, which requires you to pass a two-hour, 100-question, written qualification exam (#350-018) and a one-day lab.

NOTE In addition to the CCIE Security certification, there are CCIE certifications for Routing and Switching and for Communications and Services. For information on these other CCIE certifications, see level_home.html.

After you successfully complete the written examination, you can take the one-day lab. You must wait at least one month after passing the written test before sitting for the lab exam.

The written test is designed to be difficult so that potential CCIE candidates are fully prepared and aware of the difficulty level of the lab.

The Cisco CCIE certification website at learning_certification_level_home.html contains further details about all the CCIE certification paths and exams, and information on possible new tracks when Cisco decides to release them to the public.

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