I would like to thank the folks at Cisco Press for helping me and introducing me to this challenging project.

Brett Bartow, you are an amazing individual. Thank you for your wonderful insight and complete trust in me. Andrew Cupp, or Drew, as you are known to many of us, no bones about it, you are one of a kind; your editing and technical ability really astounded me, and without you, this book would not be the quality product it is now. No book on the market is as good as this one, thanks mate. Thank you for completing all the chapters with your wonderful touches. This book is better because of your input. The team at Cisco Press is an amazing family of hard-working people. It has been a true pleasure to be invited to write this book. Any inspired authors should only ever consider one publisher, Cisco Press. Thanks also to Tammi Ross, Tracy Hughes, and Ginny Bess for all your help. Thank you San Dee Phillips and Patrick Kanouse for your wonderful, final touches that made this book what readers see today.

The technical editors, Gert De Laet, Gert Schauwers, Anand Deveriya, and Charles Resch, provided valuable technical expertise and all have shown that they, too, can one day pursue a writing career, as I am sure they will in the near future. Gert De Laet, thank you, especially, for helping me write the security sections of Chapter 9. It was a real pleasure and honor to have you contribute to this book. Gert Schauwers, thank you for all the encouragement you gave me over the last twelve months. Loved that game of golf in San Jose. Gert D. and Gert S., thank you for your true friendship.

To finish, I would also like to thank my wife, Sharon, and my one and only son, Simon (the spiderboy). I was always grateful to them both for understanding and knowing when I needed time to complete this project. I treasure my time with my family and my growing little boy who makes me proud to be his Dad. Simon, I love you to the sun, and keep going around forever and ever and watch out for the new Spider Boy movie. I also thank my Dad and Mum for bringing me up with such great examples, and my wife's parents (Nana and Mate, plus Princess) for their encouragement over the last six months. Uncle Albert, keep making those beautiful donuts and thank you for your encouragement. Thank you to my beautiful sister, Melanie, for her wonderful love throughout my life. This year you become a registered nurse and passed your exams with distinctions. What a wonderful sister you are. I am so proud of you, Mel. Thanks Mello Yello. Massimo Piccinini, my physicist friend in the most beautiful City of the World, Roma, thank you for the friendship and love over the past five years; you are a truly amazing friend (amico).

I want to thank my wonderful aunties who gave me wonderful encouragement over all the years they have known me. Thank you, Aunty Lyda and Alice.

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