Serialization Delays

For 1500-byte packets, fragmentation is not necessary above T1 (1.5Mbps)

Serialization delay is the fixed delay required to clock a voice or data packet onto the network interface. Serialization delay is directly related to the link speed and the size of the packet.

The figure shows the serialization delay as a function of the link speed and packet size. For example, the serialization delay for a 1500-byte packet over a 64-kbps link will be:

To ensure low delay and jitter for voice packets on slow links, the recommended standard goal for serialization delay is about 10 to 15 ms. Therefore, on a T1 or higher speed link, LFI is not necessary because the serialization delay for a 1500-byte packet is only 7.5 ms on a T1 link. A T1 link has a bandwidth of 1536 kbps, excluding the T1 framing overhead.

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