QoS in Catalyst 4000 Distribution SUPIII

4 queues (1P3Q2T)

- Configurable PQ for queue 3

- CoS value 4, 5 selects queue 3

Trust DSCP or CoS

Default mapping from CoS to DSCP and DSCP to CoS

Class-based policing to ratelimit traffic

The Catalyst 4500 has a total of four queues. You can configure the link bandwidth to be shared differently among the four transmit queues by assigning the minimum guaranteed bandwidth for each transmit queue. By default, all four queues are scheduled in a round-robin manner, with each queue having 25 percent of the link bandwidth. You can configure the transmit queue 3 on each port with strict priority. When transmit queue 3 is configured with higher priority, packets in transmit queue 3 are scheduled ahead of packets in other queues. The default DCSP-to-transmit queue map (which you can manually configure to override the default) is as follows:

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