Displays the mapping of the CoS priority queues

Switch> show wrr-queue cos-map CoS Value : 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The show wrr-queue bandwidth command is used to display the WRR bandwidth allocation for the four CoS priority queues.

The show wrr-queue cos-map command is used to display the mapping of the CoS priority queues.

Use the show mls qos interface command to display QoS information at the interface level. Although it will be visible in command-line interface (CLI) help strings, the policers keyword is available only when the Catalyst 2950 switch is running the enhanced software image.

show mls qos interface [interface-id] [policers]

Syntax Description




(Optional) Displays QoS information for the specified interface.


(Optional) Displays all the policers configured on the interface, their settings, and the number of policers unassigned. Available only when the switch is running the EI software.

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