Configuring MLP with Interleaving

This topic describes the Cisco IOS commands required to configure MLP with interleaving.

To configure MLP with interleaving, you must perform these configuration steps: Step 17 Enable MLP on a PPP interface.

Step 18 On the multilink interface, enable interleaving within MLP.

Step 19 In the multilink interface configuration, specify the maximum fragment size by specifying the maximum desired serialization delay in ms.

The ppp multilink command enables MLP on a PPP interface.

The ppp multilink interleave command enables interleaving of fragments within the multilink connection.

The ppp multilink fragment delay delay command specifies the maximum desired fragment delay for the interleaved multilink connection. The maximum fragment size is calculated from the interface bandwidth and the specified maximum delay. The default is set at 30 ms. To support voice packets, a maximum fragment size of 10 to 15 ms should be used.

If distributed Cisco Express Forwarding (dCEF) is configured on a Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) interface, MLP with interleaving will run in distributed mode on the VIP.

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