Configurable queue weight

On the Catalyst 2950 series switches, the default scheduling method is strict priority. Strict priority scheduling is based on the priority of queues. Packets in the high-priority queue always transmit first; packets in the low-priority queue do not transmit until all the high-priority queues become empty.

CoS values can be assigned to queues during configuration. The default CoS-to-queue assignment is:

Catalyst 2950 switches support PQ, WRR scheduling, and WRR with a priority queue, as follows:

■ The WRR scheduling algorithm ensures that lower-priority packets are not entirely starved for bandwidth and are serviced without compromising the priority settings administered by the network manager.

■ WRR with a priority queue ensures that higher-priority packets will always get serviced first, ahead of other traffic in lower priority queues. The priority queue is defined as queue 4.

Queue weights are configurable.

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