All packets marked with one of the selected IP precedence values are matched by this class map

class-map VoIP

match ip precedence 5

class-map Mission-Critical match ip precedence 3 4

class-map Transactional match ip precedence 1 2

class-map Best-Effort match ip precedence routine

A much faster method of classification is by matching the IP precedence. Up to four separate IP precedence values or names can be used to classify packets based on the IP Precedence field in the IP header on a single match-statement line.

The figure contains a mapping between IP precedence values and names. The running configuration, however, only shows IP precedence values (not names).

match ip precedence ip-prec-value [ip-prec [ip-prec [ip-prec]]]

Note This command has been simplified to match precedence as of IOS 12.2[13]T. Inserting ip between match and precedence is optional as of this release and specifies that the match is only against IPv4 packets (if ip is omitted, the match will be against both IPv4 and IPv6 packets).

Syntax Description




Specifies the exact value from 0 to 7 used to identify an IP precedence value.

This topic describes the Cisco IOS commands that are required to classify IP packets using DSCP with MQC.

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