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PM Milestone Documents address the needs of each phase of your project, across each project management discipline. These economical tools have been developed, tested and proven in the project management of projects ranging from small, personal projects to multi-billion dollar international projects and are now made available to promote excellent project management practices across the industry. It includes an entire methodology for managing projects and it saves you time and effort, and because each document has been professionally laid out, you can generate higher quality documentation as a result. The use of our documents alone will provide a consistent project management delivery methodology across your business, displaying professionalism, credibility and reliability to your colleagues and clients alike. No longer will you be delivering projects with incompatible tools and methods. These documents will streamline your project delivery and ensure compatibility of deliverables, also ensuring that project progress and success can be compared across your project portfolio. More here...

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Project Management Templates

All of the 184 Project Management Templates have been written by experienced consultants, who have drawn upon years of experience across a wide range of organizations. They are also unique as they: Are professionally laid out. Have the charts and tables you need. Come with step-by-step instructions. Contain practical examples. Include hints & tips's. Our set of Project Management Templates will not only provide you with all the templates you need to deliver your project, it will also provide you with guidelines, strategies, processes, and programme templates. Smart And Easy To Use Professional Project Management Membership Site. Helping Project Managers Increase Their Success And Deliverability. 200 Plus Project Management Documents And How To Write Technical Docs.

Project Management Templates Summary

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Project Schedule

The Implementation Plan should include a project schedule or timeline. The level of detail you include in a schedule depends on your role on the project. In general, the schedule should at least include the dates and deliverables for major milestones. Table 14-1 shows an example of a high-level schedule that was developed by a sales engineer for an actual customer.

About the Technical Reviewers

Barb Nolley is the president and principal consultant for BJ Consulting, Inc., a small consulting firm that specializes in networking education. Since starting BJ Consulting, Barb has developed and taught training courses for Novell's Master CNE certification, as well as several courses for Cisco Systems' Engineering Education group. Barb also likes to deliver high-energy presentations about networking technologies and recently started teaching the CCNA track for the University of California-Riverside Extension. Barb stays current on networking technologies by constantly reading published books and perusing more than 50 industry publications each month. Prior to starting her own company in 1993, Barb worked for Apple Computer, Tandem Computer, and Tymnet (now part of MCI), where she held positions in everything from technical support to project management.

Figure 61 IT Portfolio Management Considerations

Rather than the passive approach to IT project management that many organizations take, where IT investment is allowed to grow without too much thought to the actual return generated, portfolio management requires an active approach with an emphasis on company benefits, as shown in Figure 6-2. An active approach generates many benefits

Global Knowledge Acquires Geotrain

Elan Beer, CCIE 1837, is president and founder of Synaptic Solutions, Inc. For the past 14 years, Elan has held several key positions within the telecommunications industry, including Senior Telecommunication Consultant, Project Manager, and Telecommunications Instructor, as well as Canadian Training Manager with GeoTrain Corporation, a multinational training and consulting organization. Through his global consulting and training engagements, Elan is recognized internationally as a telecommunications industry expert. Elan's strong technical skills have enabled him to attain several top-level industry certifications, including Cisco System's top-level certification, the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE). As one of the first product-based public Certified Cisco Instructors in the world, Elan has utilized his expertise in multiprotocol internetworking, LAN, WAN, and MAN technology, network management, and software engineering to provide training and consulting services to many...

Project Scheduling

An additional business-oriented topic that you should review with your customer is the timeframe for the network design project. When is the final due date and what are the intermediate and major milestones In most cases, management of the project schedule is the customer's obligation, not yours, but you should ask the customer to give you a copy of the schedule and to keep you informed about any slips in the schedule. It's important to include intermediate milestones in the project schedule. They give you and your client a way to detect slips in the schedule. Be sure to include circuit disconnect or circuit capacity changes in the project schedule. There is often a long lead time for these changes. Plan to document when the circuit changes and other major changes take place so that if problems occur, you can analyze what has changed to help you troubleshoot.

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