Troubleshooting Overview

Internetworks come in a variety of topologies and levels of complexity—from single-protocol, point-to-point links connecting cross-town campuses, to highly meshed, large-scale wide-area networks (WANs) traversing multiple time zones and international boundaries. The industry trend is toward increasingly complex environments, involving multiple media types, multiple protocols, and often interconnection to "unknown" networks. Unknown networks may be defined as a transit network belonging to a Internet service provider (ISP) or a telco that interconnects your private networks. In these unknown networks, you do not have control of such factors as delay, media types, or vendor hardware.

More complex network environments mean that the potential for connectivity and performance problems in internetworks is high, and the source of problems is often elusive.The keys to maintaining a problem-free network environment, as well as maintaining the ability to isolate and fix a network fault quickly, are documentation, planning, and communication. This requires a framework of procedures and personnel to be in place long before any network changes take place. The goal of this book is to help you isolate and resolve the most common connectivity and performance problems in your network environment.

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