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Misconfigured The aggregate-address router configuration command allows BGP to specify a aggregate-address command summary address for one or more specific network addresses. For example, to summarize the addresses and, use the aggregate address

Problems can occur under the following circumstances:

• The aggregate address summarizes addresses that are not in the router's BGP routing table.

In this case, a router is advertising networks to which it does not have a BGP route. For example, a router is configured with the aggregate address summarizing networks and

However, network is in another autonomous system that is inaccessible through the router. Traffic destined for network will be forwarded to the router, because it is incorrectly advertising a route to that network (via the aggregate address).

• There are no individual networks configured (using the network router configuration command) or routes in the BGP routing table to which the aggregate address refers.

Step 1 Use the show running-config privileged exec command to view the router configuration. Look for an aggregate-address command entry associated with the router bgp global configuration command.

Step 2 Use the show ip bgp privileged exec command to view the addresses in the BGP routing table.

Step 3 Make sure that the addresses summarized by the aggregate-address command are all present in the BGP routing table.

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