Possible Problems


Configuration mismatch

Invalid zone names in routing table

Step 1 Use the show appletalk interface exec command. Check the output for a "port configuration mismatch" message.

If the command output contains a "mismatch" message, the router configuration disagrees with that of the listed neighbor.

If the command output does not include the "mismatch" message, use the clear apple interface privileged exec command on the interface in question. If the interface becomes operational after clearing, a configuration mismatch does not exist.

Step 2 Enter the show appletalk interface exec command again. If its output still contains a "port configuration mismatch" message, check whether all router configurations agree on network number or cable range and the zone or zone list.

Step 3 If router configurations disagree on these parameters, alter router configurations to bring all routers into alignment.

Step 4 If problems persist, put the problem router in discovery mode by specifying the interface configuration command appletalk address 0.0 on a nonextended network or the appletalk cable-range 0-0 command on an extended network. This causes the router to get its configuration information from the network.

For more information about configuration mismatches, see the section "AppleTalk Configuration Mismatches" earlier in this chapter.

AppleTalk does not provide a way to update ZIP tables when changing the mapping of zone names to networks or cable ranges.

For example, if the zone name for network number 200 is Twilight Zone, but you decide to change the zone to No Parking Zone, the zone name on the interface can be changed, and the new zone name takes effect locally.

However, unless you keep network 200 off the internetwork long enough for it to be completely aged out of the routing tables, some routers will continue to use the old zone name (this is called a phantom zone). Alternatively, if you cannot keep the network off the internetwork that long, change the underlying network number when you change the zone name of a cable.

Step 1 Use the show running-config privileged exec command to view the router configuration. Check the network numbers configured for each AppleTalk interface.

Step 2 Make sure that there are no network numbers configured that were previously assigned to a zone that has been deleted. Change the cable-range using the appletalk cable-range interface configuration command or disable the network until it is aged out of routing tables.

Step 3 Use the show appletalk zones command to verify that the zone no longer appears in the zone list.

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